Developer Guidelines

This document explains the process for development on this project. We are using a PR model, so file an issue on the repo proposing your change so that the developers can discuss and provide early feedback, then make a pull request with your changes. Tag the relevant developers with their names in the comments on the PR so their attention can be called to the PR. Shorter PRs get reviewed faster and get more meaningful feedback.

Code Style

  1. Docstrings on every function and type.
  2. Use multiple dispatch or default arguments.
  3. Use logging with key word arguments for example, @info("Inserting new vertex into graph", vertex=v).
  4. Create non-allocating versions of functions such as buildgraph!(g, edges) and allocating versions for end users such as buildgraph(edges) = buildgraph(Graph(), edges).
  5. Use simple function names when possible.


  1. Every file in /src should have a test in /test.
  2. Put tests in their own test set.
  3. Tests are an opportunity to add usage examples.
  4. Travis-CI will check that tests pass.


  1. Every concept should have an example in the docs.
  2. If you need to add a page to the HTML docs add it as /doc/src/ and add the corresponding line in /doc/make.jl.
  3. Make sure the docs build locally before merging with master. Travis will test that the docs build so it is important to make sure you can build locally.
  4. Install graphviz locally so that you can test the .dot files.

Code of Conduct

Be nice. Answer questions and provide feedback on PRs and Issues. Help out with what you can, and ask questions about what you don't understand.